Free shipping for all over Greece with orders over 100 € and up to 20kg

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Shipping & Delivery

FREE SHIPPING for orders over 100 € .

For order up to 100 € shipping cost is 6 € .

Our policy of maintaining low transport prices has led us to choose to provide fixed shipping cost for each order. So regardless of the quantity or volume of the goods you order, what you have to pay is only 6.00 euros as shipping costs for orders up to 100 €.

If the item is over 20 Kg, such type is only Poker Table or Poker Seat then the following apply:

Poker Tables: His Shipping to Athens has a transport cost of 30 € and to the city of the customer:

α. The cost of transport is entirely borne by choosing the Carrier Company of his choice by negotiating the Price itself.

β. By paying us 50 € to the city that is € 80 total

Poker Seats: a. Transport Company: The cost of transport is borne by the customer by choosing the Transport Company of his / her choice or one of the Transportation Companies with which we cooperate upon consultation with us for the final cost. In this case the payment of your order should be made by depositing in a bank account or credit card.

b. Courier Company: The Courier cost is € 20 for each Seat and is delivered to your door. In this case, your order will be cash on delivery (at no extra cost), deposited in a bank account or by credit card.

Deliver products

Our primary partner for your orders is Geniki Taxydromiki. However, we may also use another shipping service, in special cases, to your advantage.

Shipment range

If the country you are (or want to send your order) is not listed in the list of countries that appear during the order, please do not hesitate to contact us to give you more information about your case: as mentioned above, we cover people all over the world!

Delivery time

Shipping time is from 1 to 4 business days. This is the case once your order has been approved. The days for the orders are from Monday to Friday. This means that if you place your order on Saturday, it will pass to approval, preparation and shipment on Thursday at the latest. (the above time may vary in particular cases of non-direct product availability, or special treatment). The delivery time varies depending on the order. The usual delivery time is about 1 – 7 business days for destinations within Greece while for Europe and rest of the world from 7 to 20 business days. Shipment times may change due to unpredictable factors such as: strikes, delays in transport companies, holidays, holidays, etc. Each customer receives a unique number for his order package. With this number, it is possible to trace the order in the mailing system of the General Postal Service by providing the following link: For orders over 100 € the shipment is free of charge. (€ 19.90 for Cyprus)

NOTICE:For returns from Cyprus and abroad, the shipping costs are higher for the returning person (Additional shipping costs can only arise at a very large volume of order and after prior notice and approval by the customer). IMPORTANT NOTE: Delivery of orders in countries outside the European Union may involve additional costs for the recipient (taxes, duties, etc.) according to the legal status of each country or region to which the parcel is delivered. Please inform your local competent authority in advance of any additional costs that may arise upon delivery of your order.