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First of all, we expressed interest in engaging in a group-based fun game, played around the world, having a strategic and, above all, high-profile appeal on the Internet. The name of this game is POKER TEXAS HOLD EM.
The small market survey showed us that (online game), the number of players getting bigger and bigger, while many of them turn their page shortly, putting the game in live form. So we see players of all ages, mostly young, participate in tournaments, play small, medium and large CASH, in suitably designed rooms to host these games and these players.



At the same time, the needs of players and stores to buy, change, improve, and generally modernize the items used in POKER TEXAS HOLD EM, are created, as this game is “LUXURY, ARCHONTIC, GENTLEMEN GAMES”.
Secrets are many. The modern chips that reach the player’s hand, the Jumbo Decks, the dealer button, the poker accessories and everything else relevant to the game, are for us the subject of continuous research and search. This opens communications, and signs collaborations with the largest POKER TEXAS HOLD ‘EM vendors from abroad. On this basis, we managed to acquire know-how, experience and mainly knowledge, which we have used in the great clientele that honors us all over Crete, having the most up-to-date and best-selling products on the market. with POKER TEXAS HOLD ‘EM.


Having successfully passed the experimental stage where most games are played with exclusive or customized chips, we have standardized cash tables, we have halls with what they request, and today almost exclusively through our online store, we have now the most rich, specialized and larger range of POKER TEXAS HOLD ‘EM items nationwide, and not only.
However, we believe that evolution is a continuing professional concern, using modern computer tools, we are working on a perfectly professional level to operate a modernized e-shop “ in collaboration with the provision of services and knowledge of companies and scientists in the field as Google Partners.


But our worries do not stop here. The company is transformed into PrivateCompany, the most up-to-date, and secure e-shop is set up online, we enrich our range of products by covering every game of luck played in Live format, and incorporating the functionality of the e-shop customer that can buy with 3 clicks , with products purely for the professional in the field (B2B process).
Take a tour of our online store categories and you will understand.
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But we are proceeding and we consider the successful pilot application in the construction of roulette wheel professional specifications which is purely for export with a modern metric system which was processed by research engineers and represents the correct operation of the wheel. Detailed information will follow soon.
The furniture Roulette and Blackjack tables reflect the evolution of our manufacturing achievements.
Our last achievement is the construction of professional cloths for all games with embroidered sails in their stripe, supported by PROFESSIONAL DESIGN in a contemporary color and visual environment. The latest Technological development in the field of Casino Tables is now a fact for our business. Click on the Layout category and you will understand.
These small but important actions give us the strength and the dynamics to claim a share from the foreign market by turning our eyes on the export sector, since our quality and price are totally competitive.


Our Company is being modified by establishing the ALPHA CASINO EQUIPMENT ACE Group which manages our entire range of products at the Casino and is licensed by the Responsible Gaming Authority of Greece (Ε.Ε.Ε.Π) as a Manufacturer of Technical and Material Media Casino Games (Unique Hellenic Company). In the year 2018, the Company also receives the Media Material (Perfect Plastic Card 100%) Permission by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π for the Company to sell specific products to Casino with all the rules and specifications governing the cards used in the Casino.


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