Poker Set 300pcs Protagon 14gr Ceramic Clay – Complete Game Set in Aluminium Carry Case

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– High Quality Aluminium Lockable case
– 300 Chips Protagon 14 gram Ceramic – Clay
– 2 Plastic Coated jumbo Index poker decks
– 2 Cut Cards, 2 pairs of Large Trasparent dice,1 dealer button, 2 small and big blind button

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This set of Chips is made for players who really love the poker game : 300 14gr Chips Protagon Design Ceramic – Clay : These Ceramic – Clay poker chips are the best for feel and sound and are perfect for casino and home poker games .This set of Ceramic-Clay  poker chips has a very identifiable minimal design , the chips are completely flat and the image on the face of the chip stretches to the edge of the chip, while leaving only a little space. A medal piece is injected in the middle  of the chip, increasing and balancing the overall weight of the chip. They are great for people looking to place high-quality material and graphics chips on their poker games. The chip features our esclusive protagon design inpired by “Meandros” the name of the Ancient Meander River. The meander design appears frequently on ancient Greek pottery, especially in the Geometric period, but is also used in monumental sculpture, for example, in frieze decoration on temple pediments. 300 Chip Set : 75 x Value 1   / 75 x Value 5   / 25 x Value 10   / 75 x Value 25   / 25 x Value 50  / 25 x Vlue 100. 2 Decks (blue & red) of Plastic Coated  Poker size 4 Pip Jumbo Index Cards : extremely playable without sacrificing its durability, resilience, or sharpness. 2 Cut Cards, 2 pairs of Large Trasparent dice, 1 dealer button, 2 blind buttons (small & big).  Aluminium poker case complete with padded foam inserts and trays, with external locks and keys included. The detail on these chips is flawless and their unique design makes them great for casinos and home playing.
The  Complete Poker Game Set is ideal for poker and blackjack games with a great selection of accessories so you have everything to get playing right away. 

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40 × 25 × 10 cm