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Poker Set 300pcs Poker Club 12,5 gr Clay – 2x Card Decks in Aluminium Carry Case


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-High Quality Aluminium Lockable case
-300 11.5 gram Clay Poker Club Chips, Rabbit Design
-2 Modiano Cristallo jumbo poker decks and 2 Cut Cards

Upon order - Delivery 8-10 days

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The poker player will love bringing out this 300pcs poker set at  every game :  – 300 Poker 11.2gr clay casino professional Chips with unique Rabbit Desing : Clay poker chips have the same exact feel as the one of a real casino poker chip,  clay poker chips make the exact same noise as casino poker chips when the chips hit each other making a nice soft clacking noise. This is really a great set of chips and adds a level of class to any poker game with its sophisticated design and high quality clay material. A metal piece is injected in the middle  of the chip, increasing and balancing the overall weight of the chip. Chips feature an esclusive Rabbit Design with the denomination in the middle. The inlay design is also compressed to the chip and sealed with a thin layer of vinyl for protection. 300 Chip Set : 25 x Value 0,5   / 50 x Value 1   / 50 x Value 5   / 50 x Value 10   / 50 x Value 25   / 100 x Value 50 – 2 Decks (blue & red) of Modiano Cristallo Poker size 4 Pip Jumbo Index :100% plastic playing cards extremely playable, washable, crimp and fade resistant, waterproof and extremely durable. – 2 Cut Cards – Aluminium poker chip case for 300 chips and 2 decks, complete with padded foam inserts and trays, with external locks. This 300 piece poker chipset is ideal for poker and blackjack games.  
If you love playing poker then this is one of the best set that you can buy.

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