Modiano Old Trophy silver Regular index 4 pips – Blue

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Brand : Modiano Italy
Size : 6,3 cm x 8,8 cm
Index : regular Index 4 pips
Color : Blue
Material : 100% Plastic
Packing : Cardboard tuckbox
54 playing cards(include two jokers)

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This is a High quality 100% plastic playing cards marked with a special marking machine offering you high and clear visibility through the contact lenses.The Modiano Old Trophy playing cards are similar to the Bike Trophy except they feature a motorcycle on the back instead of a bicycle. The advantages of plastic playing cards remain unaltered giving you a flexible and versatile material, are washable, fade resistant, waterproof and won’t crimp, crease, or tear under normal playing conditions. This deck is Regular Index 4 pips with blue backs, ideal if your are playing Bridge, Canasta, Hearts, Rami ecc.

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