Kroisos Poker Table 2,60m

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– 2,68m x 1,40m (86kg) suitable for 12 players & 1 dealer
– Professionally lined table cloth with a layout (options in colour)
– DropBox & stainless slot
– Artificial leather coated base

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Kroisos poker table, of our own production, stands up to the European standards of Cash game (10 players + 1 Dealer). It is based on two heavy octagonal table legs coated with artificial leather and a stainless steel pedestal for extra stability. The armrest is of high density foam and is coated with arificial leather. Proffessionally lined with an option of printing a logo of your choice on our high quality felt (blue or green). The table top is proffessionally lined with fabric of our own production where the lining is part of its texture (dye sublimation). Perfect choice for rapid dealing, three times more resistant than other table cloths. It comes with a stainless slot and a dropbox to collect the chips which is removable. Delivery on demand. Shipping within 10 days. Weight: 86kg    Package: 4 packs    Dimensions: 2,68m x 1,40m
Old times classic Cash Game Table!!! 

102 kg
260 × 144 cm