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Fournier WPT Gold Edition Jumbo Index 2 Pips – Blue


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Brand: Fournier Spain
Size : 6,3 cm x 8,8 cm
Index : Jumbo Index 2 pips
Color : Blue
Material : 100% Plastic
Packing : Cardboard tuckbox
52 cards with two jokers and a courtesy card

Temporary Out Of Stock

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The WPT is one of the biggest tournaments in the world honor it with Fournier’s jumbo WPT cards. These poker cards feature the World Poker Tour’s logos on the back and the reliability and quality of Fournier at every angle. Fournier WTP are made of 100% plastic and are tested by the most stringent of standards, which are used by the most high-end casinos in the world. highly durable and professional-grade and are able to impress the most seasoned of players. If you’re looking for a great set of poker cards that will help you to reach the top and get the jackpot you are destined to win, the World Poker Tour cards by Fournier are an excellent decision.
This Deck has a Jumbo 2 pip index that is ideal for blackjack and any poker game including that of Texas Poker.

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