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Blackjack Table Cloth – Cloud Blue


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– Classic Blackjack Layout – Cloud Blue
– High Quality Woven Polyester Material
– Water & Stain Resistant
– Fire Retardant
– Long Lasting
– Brilliant Colors
– Soft and Smooth surface
– Gradient Texture

Available - Instant Delivery

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This is a Casino Grade BLACKJACK Table Cloth: The graphics are dyed into the felt with a dye sublimation process and will not peel or wear off of the felt. This Classic Texas Hold’Em Poker felt features an elegant background pattern, which will minimize signs of wear and add a touch of class to your poker table. The bet line will clearly identify players’ bets and keep the game in check. Soft and Smooth surface. Amazing Dealing and shuffling. The Production of this Cloth follows the latest technical and scientific Textiles methods and offers long operating life and maximum comfort to the dealer’s hands. The durability and performance is really excellent  while maintaining sharp and vibrant colors.These high quality layouts are used in several major casinos across the globe and they are developed specifically for the casino industry. Our professional felts are printed on 100% High Quality Woven Polyester Material which offers a soft nap and comfortable playing surface designed to provide long lasting durability and also are water and stain resistant as well as fire retardant. This Blackjack layout has the familiar seven box layout with standard print like “Black Jack Pays 3 to 2”, “Dealer must draw to 16, and stand on all 17’s” and of course “Insurance  Pays 2 to 1”. This cloth feature’s the Cloud layout in blue color make it the perfect choice for your Blackjack table game.

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